Find And Remove Inappropriate Content On Your PC With Media Detective!

Clean unwanted porn off your computer. Media Detective puts the detection and analysis capabilities of industrial strength forensic software within reach of every home PC user. Detect and clean up porn today!

Scans your system for unsuitable images, videos, cookies, documents, HTML files, audio files, keywords and more.

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Clean adult files off your computer quickly and easily

Somebody spending too much time online downloading porn onto your computer?
Not sure if it's safe to let your kids and their friends play on your PC, for fear of what they might stumble across?

Media Detective will automatically scan your hard drives, let you know if there is any 'adult' or other inappropriate content to worry about, and help you clean it up if there is.

What can Media Detective find on your computer?

Media Detective features a cutting edge file scanning engine that can detect nudity and undesirable content in many file types.

  • Inappropriate Image and Video Files
    All common image and video file types are detected and content-analyzed. Images including jpeg, gif, png, bmp etc. as well as video formats like avi, asf, divx, flv, ivf, mpeg, qt, wmv, xvid, mkv etc. are no match for Media Detective. Suspicious files are flagged for user review and / or deletion.
  • Suspicious or Offensive Keywords
    Media Detective contains a powerful contextual language parser for detecting keywords and phrases in filenames, and within text files. You can also use your own custom keywords.
  • Documents, Hidden Files
    A number of other file types can also be analyzed, including Microsoft Word documents, Compressed ZIP archive files, various text-based files etc.
  • Internet History... and More!
    Media Detective can check Internet Explorer browser activity for evidence of adult website visits, etc. and show at what times of day these sites were accessed. Read more here.

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